Brand new to Arduino

New to Arduino and desperate to help my son w/ his robot project.
I have a Make: it Robotics Starter Kit, line-following/walking robot and Arduino Uno.
I think I have the proper support files and library downloaded but cannot upload anything, any ideas? Any help would be appreciated, guy from Radio Shack couldn't help either.



Start with a link to where you got it from so we can double check exactly what you have.

Then tell us what operating system and what drivers you have tried to install.

Thanks for the response,

I'm using a Mac, OS X 10.9.5
The drivers I think are installed are

GNU General Public License
Key words.pdf
Since I'm relatively comp illiterate, I think the installers are probably my problem.

Not sure what you mean by the link where I got it, but I'm using the Arduino site, purchased the Arduino and robot from Radio Shack.


Did you get this "Starter Kit"?

That's the one.