Brand new UNO not recognised by Windows 10

I've just bought a brand new UNO board, plugged it into my pc but the Device Manager does not show it.
Just two tiny red LED's on the board light with one of those flashing.

I've tried USB 2 and 3 on my PC.

Your site is also broken as I can't attach photos of the my UNO device, I get:

413 Request Entity Too Large

Make sure the USB cable is fully inserted in to the USB jacks on the Uno and the computer.

You might have a damaged, defective, or charge-only USB cable. Try a different one.

If you have any wiring, shields, or other components connected to the Uno, try removing them.

Make sure the Uno is not sitting on any conductive object which might be shorting the contacts on the bottom of the board.

The site is not BROKEN btw your picture is just to large for the site limits.
RE-size it if you need to post it.


is it a Chinese clone? Chinese clones have a CH340 series UART where genuine Arduinos have FTDI UARTs. you may need to install a CH340 driver

@Geek Emeritus

Just a reminder that since FTDI gate Arduino doesn't tend to use the FTDI any more but the 8U2 from Atmel.

Arduino still uses the FTDI FT232RL on their Nano. I'm not aware of any official Arduino board that uses the ATmega8U2. They use the ATmega16U2 on the Uno, Mega, and Due. They started using the ATmega16U2 on their new boards many years before FTDIgate. I believe they had retired all their other products that used FTDI (Duemilanove, Diecimila, NG, USB2Serial) before FTDIgate happened.

I doubt Arduino would have been affected by FTDIgate, since it's likely they source their components either directly from the manufacturer, or else through a reputable supplier who purchases directly from the manufacturer. If anything, FTDIgate was beneficial to Arduino, since it only affected people who had bought boards from other brands. Some people did take an ideological stand against FTDI after FTDIgate, but I've never heard anything like that from Arduino.

Thanks for the corrections Per.

My apologies for getting it so wroung.

No worries. We’re all learning here.

It’s very inspirational to me to be a part of a community where everyone is so passionate about learning and teaching. I see so little of that attitude in the community where I live.

The easy route would be to be selfish and only take, without giving back at all. Luckily, a lot of people here don’t take that route. If I never post anything, I’ll never post anything wrong. To me, it’s worth taking that chance to maybe help someone out. I certainly get it wrong often enough, but then I get the opportunity of learning something new.