Brandless ESC

Can you help me find out which brand ESC is this?

It can be anything from the far east.

Why do you need to know it ?

Maybe it's an unbranded "Hobbywing"-ESC.

Or go look at to see if you can find something that looks like it.

// Per.

I want to know which Brand it is for a proper flashing in the future; in the given case it is necessary. Here are the specs: 30A Brushless ESC: Output: Continuous 30A, burst 40A up to 10 Secs. Input voltage: 2-4 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NIMh battery BEC: 2A / 5V (Linear mode). Max speed: 210,000rpm for 2 poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM. (BLM: Brushless Motor) Size: 45 * 24 * 11mm / 1.8 * 0.9 * 0.4in Weight: 25g / 0.9oz Item total weight: 480g / 1.06Lbs