breackout board to arduino close loop to driver

Hi iam new to Arduino have no experience. I have a cnc routing machine and wish to fit a closed loop system to. Found code but need to have inputs for the step and dir as the Arduino uno will be fitted between breackout board and the stepper driver. So the Arduino uno can read step and dir to instruct the driver. Have attached the code so you can look at it thanks. Tell me what you think and is it posable!! :confused: (13.7 KB)

What you describe is a monitoring system, not a closed loop system. Closed loop would be sensing the MOVEMENT of the routing head and reporting that back to the controller so it can make adjustments to the position.


Well dur if you had the time to look at the code it is a closed loop system. Just the same as software would tell the Arduino to move so to the breackout board would through the software . Just need to make a step and drive input to the Arduino so it can receive the commands :slight_smile: :slight_smile: