Breadboard 2.0 (Tinylab)

Tinylab is an open source based "extended breadboard" aiming to ease prototyping with Arduinos.

It is an open-source hardware project with all the schematics and boards layouts being available on the Tinylab Github repository (licensed under a GNU General Public License v2.0).

The board includes components, modules, circuits to ease prototyping such as 4 LEDs, 4 momentary buttons, LCD display, 7segment LEDs, potentiometer, rotary encoder etc. You can use normal shields and for special situations there is also space on the board for old-fashioned wiring on a small extra breadboard.

Tinylab operates with a built-in Leonardo and aims to simplify and better organize project development by reducing the wire hack on a simple breadboard.

Newbies could lose the mental hurdle of fiddling around with electronic parts they never had in their hands before and are anxious to burn them.

As I was in the mood to build me an extended breadboard with some pre-wired and pre-mounted components you normally use in projects, I was lucky to come across this startup in Istanbul which just finished the crowd funding period. This approach includes everything (and more) out of the box what I had in mind when I was planning my own "Breadboard 2.0".

The delivery of the various packages will start in May/June 2016.

Mightbe worth to have a look at.

Edit: Before somebody shoots me down -> I have NO RELATION to that tinylab company!
I only want to indicate that this approach mightbe something to save precious time in prototyping - given a standard input/output situation