Breadboard arduino - Power source 5V 1A ???

Hi! I have one fundamental question - can i power my ATMEGA328P-PU microcontroller with power adaptor, which outputs +5V 1A? And whats with the Ampres? How much is too much? etc...

Any circuit draws only as much current as it needs. The important thing is the voltage. An ATmega328P will draw about 11mA at 5V when operating at 16MHz. Whether the power supply can deliver 100mA or 100A matters not.

As per the datasheet, the ATmega328P can operate anywhere between 1.8V and 5.5V. However, it is unusual to use more than 5.0V, and there is really nothing to be gained. The absolute maximum rating is 6.0V, and this should be avoided.

That said, not knowing anything about this power adapter, we cannot give you a definitive answer. If it is a well-regulated supply, and outputs something very close to 5V, then it should be fine, but should be checked with at least a voltmeter first. If it reads more than 5.5V, I definitely wouldn’t use it. Note that it is perfectly normal for unregulated adapters to deliver significantly higher voltage than their rating. Here is some good reading:

it will take just as much current as it needs 1A is the maximum rated output

the only other worry is if you take too little current, the voltage may rise (depending on the regulator type) try measuring the no-load voltage if its around 5 volts you're good to go

(well I would use it!)

I like these

Used along with these

Or roll your own, similar to this

if i plug it in, the voltage meter shows constant 5.2 V. So it should be fine i guess.

And the adapter is "DVE DSA-5P-05 FEU 5V 1A SWITCHING POWER ADAPTER"

Looks like a beauty - except for the connector. Lot of arduinos & clones use barrel jack connector with 5.5/2.1mm center positive. That one is much smaller, 3.4/1.2. Might be difficult to find something it can plug into. Course if you're cutting it off I guess it doesn't matter.