BreadBoard Arduino Running Warm.... Sugeestions...

Hello All! Sort of a newb to this so bare with me...

So I decided to make my own breadboard arduino in preparation to create some actual circuits using an Atmega328 with the arduino bootloader.

I have placed the Atmega328 in my arduino duemilanove to load the Blink sketch. I have loaded the sketch sucessfully and the led blinks as it should.

When I place the Atmega328 in the breadboard ( built with the schematic given on ) it runs the program ( blinks the led ) but the chip runs rather warm. It' not a power source issue as I have the Breadboard receiving its power from my arduino board that is plugged into USB.

[u]Adittional info That may help diagnosis:[/u] - Pin 21 (AREF) is not connected to anything. - using 22pf disc capacitors on the oscillator and reset button. - using a 16.00Mhz oscillator.

[u]Question(s)[/u] What are the benefits and detriments to disc capacitors? What is the difference?

Heh, my mistake; Reading over what I wrote and looking at the schematic i realized that I should have been using 0.1uf capacitors and NOT 22pf.

Could the difference in capacitance on the oscillator and the the reset button cause the heat?

.1uF = heavy crystal loading, likely causing the oscillator to "work real hard" or not work at all and likely generate some extra heat. (So... it's plausible)