Breadboard Arduino

Hi there,
I have the ATmega328 chip with a simple 'Blink' program, I would like to run the program on a breadboard. All I found in the internet is one clear circuit, but just for reference I would like another one.
And by circuit, I mean schamatic, not a picture and not a connection table or something.

  • You can also pass the reset button, don't need that.
  • and the 5V regulator, I have a 5V supply.


Why don't you supply the link that you DID find on the internet. Then you don't have to worry that someone will give you the same one back.

Do they "lock" threads here when they become useless? if so, you may lock this one, I now have the right schamatic. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

You might want to consider actually posting the second resource you got, too, for others with the same question. This forum is not only for you to ask that the community give you something, it's also for you to give back to the community.

Here’s what I use for a minimal circuit “arduino”,
and a little board I just made for testing out a '1284 and different ways for bootloading/programming (to have something more stable than a solderless breadboard).
I typically leave off the reset switch, power LED, and indicator LED, and just connect one up temporarily if needed.
For testing, I just connected an LED with series resistor from a pin to gnd on the power connector.
I think I’ll add a few headers with just ground connections and keep this a little test bed.
The board has 15pF caps instead of 22pF as that’s what I had on hand.
The headers are regular PCB mount headers pressed into wirewrap socket strips, same as the uC is installed into.