Breadboard bus not lined up with other tie points

I have a Jameco ValuePro breadboard, which I use for most of my projects. Very good board. I've seen many worse ones. I also have a small 400 tie point no-name breadboard that came with adafruit's kit. If I take a closer look the bus does not line up with other tie points.

No large picture but this one shows some details:

You can see the small adafruit breadboard has bus misaligned with other tie points by half of 0.1".

My question is: any reason to do that? Thanks.

I have 400-point and 830-point breadboards from several sources, including Jameco. (I agree, theirs seem nicer than most.) But regardless of supplier, all the 400-point models have the bus holes offset by 0.05" as you describe. Beats me why. I made some small breakout boards that plug both into the power and the main part of the board, and I provided alternate power connection points to allow them to be used with one type or the other. But once the headers are soldered in, that particular board will only fit one type of breadboard.


I have the same exact problem you described, with my phi-connect.

I didn't provide an alternative header location as you did, probably will try after selling this batch first. Most of the application of the phi-connect is for larger boards though.

This problem with alignment also makes it harder to use those stiff jumper wires with 0.1" increment. With aligned holes you just pick a say 0.3" jumper wire and connect power to a tie point.

What about the skipping every sixth hole on the bus? I find that inconvenient when I hook up a bunch of LEDs.