Breadboard external power supply to handle big servo.

Hi everybody,
I'm planning to build my very own cat feeder, and of course I'll need at least one servo to control the drop of the food.

I used classic SG90 servos without issues for testing purpouses, but I'll need a bigger toy once everything is finished.

I of course know I will need an external power supply, and I'm thinking about a DC 5V 1A power supply.

As it's one of the most used combination (for smartphones etc), I would like to use some stuff I already have, like this one.

Nothing simplier, i cut the jack and wire black to GND and red to +5V of my breadboard. My GND will be in common with Arduino's, plug the charger to the wall and the game is done, right? I found overcomplicated solutions and nothing like that, it seems really simple so maybe there's something I didn't consider.

Thanks in advance.

Some servos are 6 volts.


I don't think that will be a problem, most of them work without particular issues in the range 4.8\6v (maybe slower). The datasheet of my servo says 5v are absolutely ok, I wanted to know if mine is a viable power supply solution or if I'll fry something :stuck_out_tongue:

The supply looks OK to use.
It is 5v regulated?
open circuit voltage is 5v?


I'll have to test it as soon as possible, is it better to use a capacitor even if it's regulated, right?

Adding a capacitor wouldn't hurt but if the supply is regulated, not necessary.


Thanks man.
Do you know how should I calculate the right capacity of my capacitor, given the voltage and the amperage?

I arbitrary use 1000uf for each 1 amp in linear power supplies.
Don’t know if that would apply here.

May be start with 220uf then 470uf, voltage > than supply, may be 10v for 5v supply.