Breadboard Issues

I am trying to make an arduino UNO on some proto board. I have soldering everything that's needed, the 16mHz crystal and two 22pf (or 22nf, I bought the specific caps months ago), I have the power to the chip reading at 5.13V yet whenever I plant the chip on the board I made nothing happens. I put it back on the genuino board and it works perfectly. I can replicate this issue with four different chips. What could go wrong? are the crystals very sensitive to heat? Thanks for your help!


Do you have a pullup resistor on Reset?
Do you have 100nF caps on VCC & AVCC? Do you have both Grounds connected?
Check that the caps are indeed 22pF. 22nF won't oscillate correctly (or perhaps even at all). Try without any caps too.

I tried putting the 328 on a bread board with the minimal components, the 328p, crystal, two caps, used power from the LM317 on the problematic board, and it works fine. I guess I burnt out the crystal or the caps when soldering.

22nF caps way out of spec for 16MHz xtal. use pico farad.