Breadboard Power Supply Questions

Hello, I'm kinda new here. I've been making an Rc car out of foamboard, two scrapped dc motors, and an IR sensor/Remote. Anyway, I'm powering the motors with an Elegoo MB V2 (I think) Breadboard Power Supply Unit. And I've been wondering some things about it.

A: Can I turn it off with my Arduino?

B: Can it power my Arduino? (I'm currently using an Elegoo Mega 2560, but I'm planning on switching it with an Offical Nano Every once I get one.)

C: If not, can my Arduino power it?

Ps: If this is the wrong category, then can you please direct me to the proper one?

What are the specifations of the power supply (output voltage(s), current)?

What is the motor supply voltage and stall current specifications?

It says the output power is 5/3.3 V with a maximum current of 700 mA. I don't know anything about my motors though.

Wait, forget B & C. Its USB plug is for powering external devices. I am dumb.