Breadboard question

Hi! Two questions: 1 - How can I change the setting of this link ( for use with Arduino Uno? 2 - How can I connect a TFT display in this configuration?




If you mean to use the Uno as the programming board, for bootloading the only difference is to add a 10uF electrolytic capacitor between reset and GND. Electrolytic capacitors are polarised so the grey/white stripe defining the negative pin goes to the GND connection.

If you mean to make the Breadboard Arduino a Uno, then that's simply a matter of using the latest bootloader.

For the answer to question 2 you'd need to specify which TFT display you're intending to use.

Cheers ! Geoff


The TFT display is:


Ah then you've made it easy for yourself - Adafruit has a tutorial here for that.

Cheers ! Geoff