Breadboard Replacement For Relay Omron G5V-1-DC5

I have tested the Omron G5V-1-DC5. It has very good specs for my project. It needs a shield or soldered board. However, my project has many other phases and will need a few relays.

Does anyone know of a relay with similar specs that works directly on a bread board? It would make my testing/build process easier.

Do you use both no and nc contacts? Can you use MOSFETs instead (if switching DC)?

Good question- I just use the no contact. Do you know of a good Moset with similar specs that could fit on a breadboard?

I am using it to control a motor with Arduino with a diode to help control "flowback" from the coil of the motor. I remember reading that a relay offers some advantages over the Mosfet- don't remember what they are. I need something with very low power consumption and reliability with using the motor with Arduino.

I don't know of a specific MOSFET but it should be easy enough to find. Look for a logic level MOSFET with low Rds (on resistance). A proper MOSFET will be much more efficient because the current to turn it on is negligible compared to the 30 mA to hold the relay closed. You can also use PWM to control motor speed with the MOSFET (not feasible with the relay).