Breadboard Serial Arduino - Uploading Uploading...

Greetings all!

I am the proud owner of a deluxe breadboard serial arduino model:

Have managed to bootload it using Arduino 0007 on Windows XP with a parrallel port programmer. I then get a nice little pulsing PIN 13, but for some reason the sketch itself does not upload. It returns the following:

Binary sketch size: 3676 bytes (of a 7168 byte maximum)

C:\Program Files\arduino-0007\tools/avr/bin/uisp -v=4 -dpart=atmega8
-dprog=stk500 -dserial=/dev/com1 -dspeed=19200 --upload if=C:\Documents
and Settings\username\My

Transmit: { 0 [30]   [20] }
Programmer is not responding.

I have made sure to set the baud rate to 19200, and have also cross checked the COM 1 PORT with my Basic Stamp (works fine with that). As the other part of the error reads "Reset the board right before exporting", I also tried various timing combinations to no effect.

So how would I best go about debugging this problem? Is there some way to determine if they are communicating? Or at least determine where the communication breaks down? It could well be a problem with how I have wired it up...

All advice much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

VCC on ti chip ?

Thanks for the reply. Although I am not sure I follow... can you elaborate?

did you put Vcc (+5 V) on the top right pin of the texas instrument chip (bottom chip)

Yeap that was the problem! It works! Gotta love simple answers, thanks so much for the that. I need to sharpen my eyes...