Breadboard Terminal Designs

Has any one ever experienced loose / intermittent connection on there breadboard?

The answer would be, possibly 9 - out-of - 10 of us.

My question is;

Does, or has any one found a manufacturer of the actual terminals, with-in the breadboard unit, or what these terminals are called?

I've taken mine apart, all would seem ok, tried to tighten some with failure and success, mostly failure.

I've looked at making my own terminals from crimps, and using the original housing. I have also looked at applying a single-sided-self-adhesive strip to one side of each block, to keep the pressure where it is needed.

Dose anyone have any thoughts on this, other than, 'bye a new one', LOL?

It's not a question of cost, more a question of, 'can we improve them more', 'more consistent and more firmer'; And Please, No Smut. There are Ladies that also use this site. I'm Talking, and Asking about Breadboards. Nothing else Required Thank You!!!

I'll add some photos tomorrow, regarding the current design of the contacts with-in, and what i think would be a better option.


Teach yourself to never use large diameter jumpers. OR Always use large diameter jumpers/components. (In only the very outside 2 holes in a row)

I NEVER use big diameters in the holes right next to the separation channel.

When all else fails buy another one.