Breadboard to Mega ProtoShield - Does this look sensible

Further to a recent post of mine about how to go from breadboard to protoshield, I attach a couple of photos following my trial & error dry-fitting to the shield tonight.

Whilst everything fits on the board, Im wondering if Im trying to cram too much on there, or if its just a case of "if it fits & I take my time, it'll be OK".

All my items are on the top of the shield with the exception of the SD Card.

I have a 2.8" TFT screen that I will solder all the wires to the double header of the shield. I plan to mount the TFT to the enclosure via a fly-lead and not have it connected directly to the project.

The screw terminals are currently a shown a bit wonky because the pins are resting on the barrel jack. I thought Id be able to solder them in place and then cut the excess length off.

Any thoughts or words of advice?