Breadboards... power rails all along or split?

I am getting some more 830 point MB102 style breadboards.

I can get them with a break in the power rails, or with power rails that are continuous all the way along.

I am looking for opinions on preference. Which would you buy given the choice?

Hi, I'd go for continuous, at times we have had posts about problems that are solved the minute the discontinuous rails are found, some manufacturers are lazy and don't print the break. Also I find I assume that the rail is continuous so a split would eventually trip me up.

Tom.... :)

I would second Tom's opinion. I have not yet worked with breadboard project that had more than 2 different voltages, so simply use the two sets of rails on each side. Oh, and MARK them... (what's that smell?) :-[


The Red and blue lines are generally correct.

I think the best option is not to buy a solderless bread board at all. They waste more time than they save. A system where the first debugging technique is to waggle the wires is such a waste of time. I found that out 30 years ago.

My advice is to:- Always solder, use long leads for prototypes so that the components can be recovers and always use sockets fot ICs.

Well, I can try to explain that to people on eBay where we sell.... but I suspect they will just move on and buy a breadboard from someone else! :)