BreadConnect for Arduino

It seems to have drifted from BreadConnect, doesn't it? If it does get moved, please start another thread when there's more news about BreadConnect. THX

Nice stuff, looks like what i use to connect my Arduino to the Breadboard (but of course yours looks much nicer...)

Some impressions (of my soldering "skills"...):

Made of perfboard and an old IDE-cable. The 0.05" spacing was solved by soldering angled headers around the side of the perfboard (last picture, not really visible, but works...).

Pinout on mine is D0 to D12 on one side and D13, A0 to A5, AREF, RESET, GND, 5V, 3.3V and VIN on the other side.

he he nice:)

what a coincidence. Now that happens when human neurons are gravitated to thinking alike:)