Breaking out ATmega16u2 USB Programmer? (Parts List)

Well to start with my ultimate goal is to create a breadboard Arduino.

For now, I am trying to build a parts list for the programmer found on the Arduino Uno-v3/mega. I already have the ATMEGA16U2 on a breakout board and planned on ordering more, just encase I broke it. I do plan on creating the USBASP and the FTDI, those schematic are easy for me to understand, but the Arduino one, not so much.

At this point I am trying to workout what supporting devices I need that are found on the Arduino boards: Arduino Uno V3 I have tried looking into the freetronics USBSERIAL USB Serial Adapter USB Serial Adapter also, but no go on my send.

Now, the thing is that I need to use through hole components and not Surface-mount components. I do understand that there is a resettable fuse, but at this point I am kind of a blur of the parts used between the ATMEGA16U2 and USB Plug.

Note that the 16u2 on an arduino is just a USB to Serial adapter, not a "programmer." While you can load it with keyboard/mouse/midi firmware, it doesn't normally do anything different than the FTDI adapter.

If anybody comes across this topic and looking for the Arduino Uno v3 parts list, here it is.

Please see attached text file.

partlistarduinouno3.txt (4.65 KB)