breakout board for Allegro’s A4982 (please assist with code/check of wiring)

OK hello again. I give in and want to cry for a bit. My problem:, connected to a unipolar motor (6 wire, but the 2 middle ones are null now). It is connected correctly (I hope), with the VMOT and VDD having two grounds (not 1 common), external battery etc etc. How do I code this monster that I have created? I have now 2 leads I have placed into I/O ports 4 (step) and 7 (dir) I have been searching libraries and everywhere I can think of inclusive of reprap forums and I now want to sleep. All I need to know is what commands to send down the step and dir as the examples page explains almost nothing, unless u want to spin a motor with a pot, which is crap and pointless tbf. seriously nearly 3 hours searching for this. Thanks for helping if u can.

K, it was late last night so that may be a little garbled.

VCC –> 5v GND –> GND Motor 1 STEP –> Pin 4 Motor 1 DIR –> Pin 7 Enable –> Pin 2

is the breakout board to arduino config. I am still working on a solution but until then :grin:

OK edit to post, I just blew my USB/card reader up with a lil feedback (good times I thought it was the arduino that had broke!). Here is my setup (as soon as I get the images uploaded). I really need help on this I only have one set of USB hubs left before my MOBO gets it ]:D.

Yellow = direction pin 4
Blue= step pin 7
balck and red = -ve/+ve (into case = +5v VDD and GND) (exterior VMOT and GND attatched to 11v output on pc supply)
Grey = enable pin 2
no ms pins connected.
O and the blob of solder next to the blue is shorting the reset pin to the sleep pin.
The four wires I am holding are to the motor and have been paired.

best source so far, but i think after modding it blew my usb hub up

Bump a lil? My experience so far with arduino is: 4x servo insect that could walk back and forward and turn (although not with real time commands)- easy peasy Blutooth over android phone (measuring analogue sensor value)- more difficult. Moving one stepper (various movements) with this driver, so how come this driver wont work?