Breakout Boards - how do you attach them?

Hi all, apologies in advance for the complete newbie question.

I've just bought an Arduino Duemilanove from, and I've done the basic flashing LED stuff. Now I'm looking for something a little meatier and fancy doing some MIDI.

Problem is I've now stalled right at the start. I'm looking at the midi breakout board for sale at Sparkfun and I'm feeling a little foolish - how on earth do I connect this to my Arduino board? I feel I'm missing something ...

Many thanks in advance!

Can you post a link to the specific board please?

In general, you would use some jumper wires (sparkfun sells these, just search for them on their site) to connect breakout boards to the arduino's pin headers.

breakout boards are just easy ways to deal with surface mount stuff, usually along with their required components

the ones at sparkfun (and many other places, so shop around) usually break out to standard .1 pitch, that is the same as normal dip chips, breadboards and most prototyping solder boards (perfboard stripboard veroboard whatever)

you can attach some male headers onto the breakout board then plug it into a breadboard and use jumper wires to the arduino or simply attach jumper wires direct to the breakout board

course none of this is needed if using a arduino compatible shield, as they just plug in on top, midi shields not being a super popular item... sparkfun seems to sell one, or if your up for it you can "roll your own" as seen on one of grumpy mikes pages

which there does not seem to be a huge undertaking

If you're talking about this one: the It looks to me like you also buy some "stackable shield headers" and populate the shield-compatible locations in the PCB, and it will plug right in to the Arduino like any other shield. Otherwise you use a bunch of jumper cables like this lovely picture from SparkFun's blog:

Many thanks all! Yes, I was talking about this board - - however, the forum wouldn't let me include a link in my very first posting. Okay, I think I know what to do now ... if I make anything fun I'll let you all know!

Hi Minty, I just wanted to know if you have found a solution at your problem because I am in the same situation. I have got a midi breakout but I do not have any idea on how to connect it with the arduino. thanks