Breath controlled PSG saxophone

Right off the bat: I personally have no familiarity with programming, etc. I grasp the concepts, but the leg work is currently beyond me, so please do not hold back on correcting me.

Really it's just a concept at the moment, but I have a beat to shit saxophone that is beyond repair to make usable as a wind instrument. I'd like to turn it into an audio-outputting device that utilizes the saxophone fingering. Would prefer raw audio out as opposed to a MIDI controller; aiming for a stand-alone instrument to plug in to an amp.

I've done some initial research:

A pressure sensor ( Freescale-Semiconductor MPXV4006GP) has been used as a good breath trigger in other applications.

A couple key triggers have been suggested; simple circuits that complete with the closing of the keys, old digi keyboard key switches

And as far as tone production, a 16bit PSG has piqued my interest the most.

Beyond these bits and pieces, I am utterly and completely out to sea with this.

What board would y'all recommend? How would one map key inputs what am i forgetting?