Breath hydrogen sensor?

Is there anyone out there in the medical field that can recommend a sensor for measuring the hydrogen level in one's breath? It doesn't have to be super accurate (preferably semi-inexpensive) but should be able to measure large changes in breath hydrogen levels. I have some medical experiments I'm looking to conduct on myself :astonished: and thought this would be a perfect project with an Arduino.

What types of levels are you expecting? I would guess low ppm as I have tested my breath with a TCD and did not see any hydrogen to my 100ppm DL. Vapours from the other end can have hydrogen in the 40% range!, thus the "blue angel".

From what I can tell it looks like normal breath hydrogen levels are in the neighborhood of 5 ppm. Looks like I would need a sensor capable of detecting those levels up to about 70ppm.

At this level it is going to be tough. I believe most sensors are only good to 25ppm or so. If you need accurate number, I would suggest a gas chromatograph with a DID detector. In addition, hydrogen can diffuse like crazy, so be careful in your sampling system.

OP, did you ever find a sensor that was sensitive for hydrogen (H2) in the 1-100ppm range?

magneticwahil: OP, did you ever find a sensor

His last post on the forum was November 2013 so he might not be around any more.