"Breathalyzer Genii" at Roboxotica in Vienna

Hey y'all,

Just got back from Vienna last night - Roboxotica was fantastic - Vienna is fantastic - I got an award - etc etc etc!!!

Photos from my trip:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ctp/sets/72157603261747717/ The first few are of the piece in process at home, and then the rest are from the trip and last night.

Photos from the Vienna Museum of Science and Industry: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ctp/sets/72157603301538115/ These won't be as interesting as the other set, unless you are into this kind of thing. I shot over 400 photos at the museum in a 5 hour visit!

Newspaper article from last Saturday's Vienna Kurier: http://www.ctpdesign.com/press/KURIER_Roboxotica_07.pdf

I'm still rotating and titling the pix as fast as I can, so check back or leave a comment if you have any questions.


Another link to pix of the show and all that.


For those who didn't make it to Vienna, come to Oakland!

I just installed the Breathalyzer Genie in a show that will open on Saturday. It's called "Robots Are Art", and it's at the Float Center Gallery on Colcot in Oakland. The opening is this Saturday from 6 to 10. Frank Garvey will be doing a presentation that night as well. The show runs for one month.

Info here - http://www.thefloatcenter.com/robot_art.html