Bricked - don't worry, it might not be.

Hi, I have a Nano that suddenly stopped accepting sketches or working. I tried everything I could, including using a USBASP programmer I happen to have. Nothing revived it. I just sat there with the D13-LED flashing about 3-times per second, so I declared it "bricked" and ordered a new one.

When it arrived, I was using my Surface for something else and it could not be interrupted so I plugged the new Nano into an old Lenovo laptop running win7pro I use a as a home NAS. After about three minutes the drivers were installed and I could load and run Blink.

I was happy it was a good Nano for 7-bucks. Then I suddenly decided to plug in the bricked one and surprise-surprise, after about 30-seconds, the D13-LED went off. I started the IDE and uploaded Blink and damned me, it blinked at the one-second rate. "It's alive!"

I then uploaded a major sized sketch and plugged in the serial-20x4-LCD and bingo it works.

I tried it back on the Surface and got the rapid blinking again. What! As a result of a bunch of windows updates two days back, something has crippled the drivers on the Surface win8.1-pro. I uninstalled them, deleting the driver software. I plugged the Nano in and it went through the driver installation just as the Lenovo had done, but same again - looked bricked.

Sooo, folk, the upshot is, if it seems broken, try it on another PC.

Doncha love windows updates? {{sigh}}

The rapid blinking is not, by itself, an indication of problem - that set of 3 blinks, brief pause indicates the bootloader is running - and implies that your problem is with serial drivers or user error.

Thanks Doc, but this was not that kind of flashing, it was a constant flickering, no pausing.

WaitSome, Just had about the same trouble with a Mega 2560. Rapid flashing on the status LED. Can see that board is a Mega 2560 but port is grayed out and cant open the ports. Now this is on a Window 8 machine with out network access at the time. So, came home and got a network connection and plugged in the board. Went into control panel and device manager. Low and behold! Now have a valid device driver and all is good again. Thought I too had a bricked board. I agree, sometimes you have to come at it in several different directions.