bricked my Duemilanov - please help reburing the bootloader.

Hi guys,
I was trying to program another arduino with my Duemilanov and bricked it.
Now I am trying to burn the bootloader onto it again, but with no success. Maybe you could suggest, what am I doing wrong. :slight_smile:

  1. i connected the cables as in the tutorial

  2. selected the right board, chip, com port, arduino as isp and started "burn bootloader"

the TX led keeps blinking and the ide seems not responsive...

Is that for the "self bootloader programming" hack where you use the 4 pins from the FTDI header to reprogram that?

That requires a different programmer option to be selected - the ArduinoAsISP programmer requires a working Arduino running the Arduino As ISP sketch. I don't know what they call the FTDI bitbang ISP programmer thing - it's not included with the IDE by default.

Whatever tutorial gave you those wiring suggestions should also tell you how to get the correct entry in the programmers menu. IIRC the process is extremely slow (minutes, instead of seconds with ArduinoAsISP or USBAsp)

Find the avrdude.conf file on your system, it's with the Arduino install. Open the file and look around line 678 for programmer "arduino-ft232r". I think this is the one for your board. Try and verify the hookup scheme, there are others you can check also. I have used this "arduino-ft232r" programmer with an FTDI usb serial adapter and it worked well. It's not anywhere near as slow as people make it out to be.

For future use I recommend you invest about $3 in a USBasp programmer. Just search for USBasp on eBay. Look for the cheapest Buy Now one that includes shipping (Currently $1.82). Most come with only a 10-pin ICSP cable so you will need a 10-pin to 6-pin adapter which should also have turned up in your search. Current the cheapest adapters are 2 for $0.99.