Bridge.begin() hanging

I initially posted this in the Installation and Troubleshooting thread, but it's probably more suited here. I know this is the Yun thread, but hopefully someone could help me out.

Initial post:
Just received a Tian from sparkfun. I ran the overlay and updated to the most recent image of Linino (3.18.11). I am unable to run any of the example sketches that utilize the Bridge library that come in the IDE (1.8.4). Has anyone had the same issue or know a solution? Hard to find any documentation out there right now dealing with the Tian.

Damn, nothing?

Interesting you say this. I have a similar issue with the Yun but I removed all that Linino OSJS crap and reverted to 1.5.3 by flashing everything from

But that is probably NOT compatible at all with the Tian.

Anyway, now I am starting to think that my bridge problem is related to the overlay. I will test something and get back to you on this one.

How did you do the overlay? USB PenDrive? make sure it's firm and you are not bumping into it. If you used a spinning HD you will need a powered USB hub because the host USB plug on the Tian will probably struggle with a spinning HD.
Make sure you are powering the board with at least 500mA, 1A to be on the safe side.

Try removing the external memory and rebooting and test the bridge w/o the overlay. Then put your external memory back and reboot and the overlay should remount. Then try birdge to see if that works. Just after reboot. If it doesn't work with the overlay try /usr/bin/reset-mcu and see if the bridge starts working after the microcontroller restarts.

Finally, try reverting back to whatever it came with.

i had similar issue. After some head banging , realised power insufficiency can also cause this issue. Using a shorter USB cable resolved the issue also used Bridge.begin(250000); As the baud rate is 250000 which can be confirmed using cat /proc/cmdline in linux.