bridge example doesn' t work

I bought a yun shield and UNO from ebay. - I configured the Yun shield for my network and UNO bridge - I removed the resistors for the USB RX/TX communication - I compiled the bridge example and uploaded it to the uno - browser to yun ip:5555 no connection.

Now i'm out of information what to do next. Is there something of a debug mode. Everything is hidden away so how do I know what the problem is.

hope you can help.

  • browser to yun ip:5555 no connection.

Why did you do this?

There is a comment in the sketch that says port 5555, but that doesn’t mean that’s how you access the example when it is the Yun. Port 5555 is really an internal implementation detail of how the sketch and the Linux processor talk to each other.

The way to communicate with this sketch is listed in the comments at the beginning of the sketch:

  Possible commands created in this shetch:

  "/arduino/digital/13"     -> digitalRead(13)
  "/arduino/digital/13/1"   -> digitalWrite(13, HIGH)
  "/arduino/analog/2/123"   -> analogWrite(2, 123)
  "/arduino/analog/2"       -> analogRead(2)
  "/arduino/mode/13/input"  -> pinMode(13, INPUT)
  "/arduino/mode/13/output" -> pinMode(13, OUTPUT)

So, for example, to read the status of pin 5, use a web browser and the URL: “http://<yun_ip>/arduino/digital/5”

Ok thanks!

I still have a question:

When I open a web browser wth:

I still don't get any output, I get an empty page. So what I'm I doing wrong? and is there any documentation So I can debug is myself.


edit: Is there a way to check if the arduino is running and the bridge interface works correct?