Bridge.get() basics

Hello, I've googled the heck out of this problem.

I'm having trouble reading any actual data out of Bridge.get().

I want a website to write a single digit to a keystore called command:
"/data/put/command/1" which works fine. I can see it when I type

The problem is when I try to read any data from the Arduino side.

char buf[3]; //2 digits larger than I need just in case.
char command = Bridge.get("command" buf[0], 3);

I cannot seem to get the one char I need out of Bridge and send it where I need to.

What is the actual basic syntax for this?


Ok the solution was actually pretty simple. It was the documentation that threw me off.

 char buf[3];
  Bridge.get("command", buf, 3);
  command = buf[0];