Bridge hanging/wifi ap not visible


I can upload sketches to my arduino yun and they work well unless im using the bridge, then it hangs. Also i tried the lan or the wifi AP, but nothing is there. No lights show up on the router when i connect the board, no dhcp ip is assigned to the board.

It used to work right when i got the board, but now no longer. I have tried to do all kind of resets with all the buttons, but without any succes. Is my linux chip gone?

BR Sune Pedersen

Please try plugign in the yun via usb, uploading YunSerialTerminal example, opening Serial Monitor and finally pressing YUN RST button (the one near the leds) Can you copy paste the whole output (wait 2 minutes before doing so)


Loaded the sketch and it starts fine. However no response in the console after the yun reset, not after 2 mins, not after 5 mins.

Is the chip fried?

BR Sune

I'm in the exact same situation. Please help! I've tried to do all the trouble shooting and at this point I don't know how to ensure that the linux side even works. With no output coming from the YunSerialTerminal how I can I be sure that the linux/wifi modules are working at all on this board?

jkieley, Sune_P, is the USB led lit with a weak, barely visible white?

yes, it’s weak and barley visible.

When the power is on and connected to USB, no, there is no light at all. When pressing yun rst, there is a relatively weak light in USB.

To be more explicit, the light turns slightly on while pressing the yun rst.

No, as soon as I plug the yun into the usb of my computer (also providing power) the ON (green light) comes on very bright and remains on. The RX (orange light) comes on very bright for a just a second. The usb light (white light) turns on and remains on, but is dimmer than the others. I tried to take a picture, but it's difficult to capture the true brightness in a photo.

Pressing the Yun Rst, gives no response in any of the leds.

jkieley please mail

Sune_P, that is expected

OK! Any ideas on how to get it back alive or is it just an expensive uno now?

Try explaining the situation to I'm out of ideas