Bridge library on different Arduino board

Is it possible to use the bridge library on different Arduino board (for example Arduino Uno connected to a Beagleboard or Arduino Due connected to RPI)? If yes how can i implement this?

Technically yes, but practically you might face some problems and might have to do lot of reverse engineering, since the internal working of the Bridge library is not documented anywhere.

I would suggest you to keep one part constant and then vary the other part. (ie) either vary the Arduino board or the linux board. The AVR micro controller used in YUN is the same as the one in Leonardo. So I would suggest you to try with Leonardo + linux board (RPi or BeagleBoard), instead of varying both.

I am personally trying this right now (Arduino Leonardo + Raspberry Pi). I am currently going over the Bridge code to figure out the internals of the library, so that I can port it. Will post an update if I succeed.

Meanwhile, try it yourself as well and do let me know if you manage to get anywhere.

Thank you. I look forward for your work.

The bridge library is not that complex, it basically marshals and unmarshals code over the serial port.

The only issue I see is that working over serial is limiting, as the two system should be directly connected. I would like to have something to make arduino > host system communication easier no matter which connection they have.

I think it might be wiser to look after other alternatives, the first coming to my mind is to use some more established protocol like dbus (if your host board support linux, the server part is already written) or even JSON via http web sockets. I'm currently looking to the dbus code to see how it could be ported to the arduino platform.