Bridge not working after AR9331 reboot

Hi, all,

For the bridge to work, on setup(), we need to call Bridge.begin(), which invokes the bridge python script on the Linux side.

So, if I triggered a reboot on Linux, the bridge is broken as the is not running any more. To get the bridge working again, I called reset-mcu on the Linux. This resets AVR and causes it to invoke Bridge.begin() again.

Wonder if this is the right way to handle such case. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Thanks a lot! Jingzhao

Your way should be fine. reset CPU does not get MCU reset.

nano /etc/rc.local
exit 0

Thanks a lot for the confirmation. I checked the Arduino bridge code more carefully today. Calling Bridge.begin() multiple times won’t help recover the bridge communication. So, resetting the MCU seems to be the way to go at this moment.

Just like you suggested, I added one line to rc.local and solved the problem.