Bridge two can buses with Arduino

Hello, i`m new to arduino so forgive me for my lack of knowledge.

My project is to bridge two can buses that uses diferent baud rates. First can bus is Can1 (100kbps) and second is Can2 (500kbps). I need a permanent solution to integrate in to my car to retrofit a multimedia unit. The car use Can1 and the multimedia unit is using Can2.

I need help in choosing the right type of Arduino board and any other piece of hardware that is needed for this project (can transceiver, DC-DC converter etc.)

Thanx in advance!

Buy a $50 ‘can bridge’ or ‘can repeater’ device from Aliexpress or similar sites.

Well...i also need to convert LIN signal from front face panel of multimedia interface into CAN so i think Arduino is the way.

Buy a LIN to CAN converter.