Bright LED - component choice

My current project requires about 8 green and red LED's flashing at a similar brightness to that of a rear bicycle light (or maybe not quite as bright as that - but able to be seen from about 10m away)

I haven't ordered LEDs before so I ordered some of these as a starting point to see how bright LEDs are for a certain current etc

I didnt expect these to be bright enough for my purposes but I didnt expect them to be quite as dim as they are!

I am running the arduino at 3.3V - forward voltage is 2V for the LED and max current is 20mA. A resister of about 80 Ohm I thought should be sufficient.

But the LED is no brighter than the LEDs on the arduino board despite being much bigger.

I know the arduino output pins and provide 20mA but I used a transistor just in case (and because I want to drive more than 1 LED)- still really dim.

Decreasing the resistor value - still no improvement

So my question is - am I doing something wrong - or have I just bought really DIM LEDs
...and which LEDs should I buy to get the brightness I need

I need to mount them in the lid of an enclosure too so any good mounting advice would also be helpful

All the LED,s will flash together so no addressing is required - just normal, bright LED,s


You need to pay attention to the "mcd" rating when selecting LEDs for this application. The specification for the device you link is similar to #2 in this link: LEDs.html