brightness control

Hello everyone maybe someone has already encountered such a problem or maybe someone knows whether it is possible to adjust the brightness according to the values of the photoresistor on this display TFT LCD 3.5 ILI9486 ? Thank you for your reply !

Do you mean the brightness of the backlght or the display contrast?

Hey brightness of the backlight

Post a link to the actual item that you have bought.

We need to see a photo of the pcb.

Дисплей TFT LCD 3.5 дюйма ILI9486 универсальный для Arduino Mega 2560 Arduino Uno the photo shows PCB thanks for your answer)

You have a 3.5 inch "mcufriend" Blue Uno Shield.

I do not own this actual display, but I have an old model with ILI9481.
What value is R1 (my pcb has empty R1)
What part is U2, U3. (my pcb has HC245)
My shield doe not have a Touch panel

Simple answer. You can not control the backlight.


comprehensibly then I need to look for another display thanks for helping )