My arduinos don't work... They appeark in the ports, but if i try to upload code or reinstall the bootloader it says avrdude stk500_recv() programmer is not responding something like this. It tries to connect to the arduino 10 times and fails all ten and tells me to visit the website for help. I tried it with my arduino clone, my genuine board(at least I think it's genuine) and my arduino nano. THEY ALL DON'T WORK!!! So I don't think It's the problem with the cables, and there's no way all three boards could've been bricked. So I want to reinstall the software, and EVEN THAT FAILS BECUZ ITZ A FUKEN MAC AND MACS SUK(my school game me my mac and its my only computer -_-;;) Anybody suggest some helpful stuff? BTW my arduinos worked a few weeks ago

Wrong board selected? Wrong port selected?

Something connected to pins 0 or 1? (these pins need to be clear for uploading to work, as they're used for uploading)

Something wrong with the board - either bootloader or hardware.

And you need to slow down and adopt more of a problemsolving mindset as you approach this problem.

The out of sync error is a very non-specific error, unfortunately.

Oh okay, I need a chill pill I checked, like, a gazillion times for the correct ports and all of my pins are empty - I was testing the blink program. Also, the IDE tells me that the usbtiny device can't be found - I haven't even set my device to usbtiny! I set it as ArduinoISP. Maybe I'll try the online web IDE. There's no way all 3 of my boards could've been bricked.

You are on a Mac. What OS version? My Yosemite works like a charm and I hesitate to upgrade as a lot of users are reporting issues with El Capitan and Sierra.

Plus: Don't think you got an original or a clone Arduino: you have to make sure, what you have -> that's because clones use different communication chips: Prolific, FTDI or CH340. Look for one those names on a chip. If FTDI you might have an original Arduino, but you can't always be sure.

Most clones come with CH340. If you find that chip on your Arduino, you need a specific driver for that.

But before we go that path, pls report, what you could identify.


Maybe I'll try the online web IDE

Do you think that a web based IDE could help to communicate on chip level? If the basic communication doesn't work due to the fact, that the OS can't recognize the communication path to your Ardu - the browser won't heal that situation. It will only pack some communication layers on top of a non-working base communication.

The web IDE "Create" is not yet advanced enough for what you want to do and also seems to still have some issues of its own with macs.

That said it does get better every day and goes as far as to support CH340 based clones.