Brilliant maker with proven experience in TFT UI and PID heat control

Hello guys and girls.

This is an opportunity for a talented individual or a team to jump on board and help us out in developing a prototype for a precision heating device.

About you :

You should be able to offer a complete turn key solution in the field of pcb design and layout. We expect you to deliver a full set of plans ,BOM , Gerber files and any other information needed to be sent for a third party PCB manufacturer of our choice in order to produce 5 first units.

You should be able to offer a complete turn key solution in the field of code writing. We expect to get a fully debugged and working code to go along with the PCB you have designed for us.

About the design:

We are looking into building a device that precisely control 2 separate 220 VAC heating elements and a 12VDC brushless motor.
Device should have a full PID control with k type thermocouple as inputs for each of the heating elements.

We expect you to create a full UI In order to operate the device via a 3.5inch touch screen display.

User should be able to choose the set temperature by 1 degree increment to each of the heating elements via the touch screen.
On the screen should be displayed the set temperature and Courant temperature to each of the heating elements.
User should be able to switch on or off the 12VDC motor and be able to regulate the motor speed via the touch screen panel.

Please feel free to ask for any clarification if needed.

If you feel like this project is within the scope of your abilities and experience please feel free to send your proposal .

We expect you to be able offer support for the design for up to 3 months from the moment of project delivery.
Please take that into consideration when quoting .

What's the budget?

Sorry mate but budget is a concern for our CFO :zipper_mouth_face:
You are more than welcome to submit your offer in a private fashion.

What is your target BOM cost for the finished device and what is your schedule for completion?

Hi , thank you for your interest.

Our target price for is under 47 USD per unit, PCB, motor, display and heating elements included.

Our main concern is quality of components, system integrity and user experience.

You are welcome to ask for further clarification if needed .

Edit : regarding the project time frame , obviously like any other project Soon is better than later.

90 days should be sufficient I believe.


I'm interested in submitting a proposal. Please me at

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