Bringing a HT1632C led matrix to life

Dear guys,

I bought two 16x24 led matrixes from eBay, they are based on the HT1632C driver chip. I’m trying to light it up with this library . My first code is based on the simple example included with the library. However, the display gives no sign of life. My code is the following:

#include <DisplayToolbox.h>
#include <MatrixDisplay.h>

#define setMaster(dispNum, CSPin) initDisplay(dispNum,CSPin,true)
#define setSlave(dispNum, CSPin) initDisplay(dispNum,CSPin,false)

// 1 = Number of displays
// Data = 8
// WR == 9
// False - we dont need a shadow buffer for this example. saves 50% memory!

// Init Matrix
MatrixDisplay disp(1,9,8, false); 
// Pass a copy of the display into the toolbox
DisplayToolbox toolbox(&disp);

// Prepare boundaries
uint8_t X_MAX = 0;
uint8_t Y_MAX = 0;

void setup() {

  X_MAX = 24;
  Y_MAX = 16;

  // Prepare displays
  // The first number represents how the buffer/display is stored in memory. Could be useful for reorganising the displays or matching the physical layout
  // The number is a array index and is sequential from 0. You can't use 4-8. You must use the numbers 0-4

void loop()

    disp.setPixel(0, 5, 10, 1);

For now I didn’t hook up the two displays, only one of them, so I guess I don’t need to define a master and a slave. So what am I doing wrong? I don’t need any special features like fonts, scrolling etc., just to be able to control the pixels individually.

The library mentioned above also requires to have another library called digitalIOPerformance library. But I have concerns about what the readme says about that library. Can it have some compatibility issues with the latest IDE and boards? I’m using a DUE.
Any help is appreciated.

The ht1632 garnered a lot of interest a while back:
Since then, a lot of people have created newer libraries, and I've lost track of what is considered "current." I also recall that there were several subtly different panels. You might want to take a look at the Adafruit library for the display; they tend to have better documentation and tutorials and stuff, compared to random contributors.

Thank you, but the Adafruit library is completely useless as it gives an error code about some undeclared variables.

Arduino: 1.6.12 (Windows 7), Alaplap:"Arduino Due (Programming Port)"

C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp: In member function 'void Adafruit_HT1632::setPixel(uint16_t)':

C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp:182:28: error: '_BV' was not declared in this scope

   ledmatrix[i/8] |= _BV(i%8); 


C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp: In member function 'void Adafruit_HT1632::clrPixel(uint16_t)':

C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp:186:29: error: '_BV' was not declared in this scope

   ledmatrix[i/8] &= ~_BV(i%8); 


C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp: In member function 'void Adafruit_HT1632::writedata(uint16_t, uint8_t)':

C:\Users\Peti\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HT1632\Adafruit_HT1632.cpp:233:19: error: '_BV' was not declared in this scope

    if (d & _BV(i-1)) {


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Due (Programming Port).

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

Maybe is there a corrected version of this library available?

Finally I managed to draw the "heart" example of this library to the display, but this library (the only one from those I've tried that translates and actually prints something to the display) doesn't support direct pixel access, which would be the most important.

I don't need pre-defined images and fonts, I just want to control the two 16x24 displays pixel by pixel.

Any ideas what should I use?