Bringing buttons out of an LCD on a panel

Is there a standard/recommended/kluge way to bring micro-switches out to the front of panel?

I’m ordering one of these or similar and the tops of the buttons are not flush with the LCD- probably about in line with the top of the green PCB, 5mm or so lower than the LCD, judging by my older but similar DFR0009.


Those “tactile switches” are intended to have a button cap on the top of them. For commercial packages, the buttons are often part of the plastic housing, with ‘hinges’ on one side.

You can make buttons that fit into holes on your panel, which are long enough to hit the tac switches. Like the buttons on a regular calculator. (Do those still exist?)

Or you can buy tac switches with different length pushers. 12mm is a common size. Desolder the original switches and solder on new ones. The solder pins are identical on most, so you can find lots of alternatives that are longer.

Desolder the original switches and solder on new ones.

You've clearly not seen me in charge of such tools ;). I have a current scar on my finger from picking up my soldering iron by the hot end the other week, so I keep soldering to a minimum.....

I think once it arrives I'll take a drive to a different store which has boxes of all sorts of old junk for sale on their bargain table and see what they have.