Broad home automation via email question

I would like to run a simple home automation deal through my arduino. I've looked at gobetwino, with little luck in finding a free email provider supported. Is there another way that I could get the arduino to communicate via email?

Set up a linux server at home, install exim (or whatever) and use dyndns for dns resolution. It wouldn't take that long to setup and if you use any of the *buntu's you'll get some good tutorials.

Humm, why not post it to a private twitter acct or something? Be quite a bit easier I think.

could use an Ethernet module to get your Arduino on check e-mails for you (using POP or IMAP or something)... HARD

or you could hook it up via serial to your computer and write a python script (or similar) to use IMAP-PUSH or poll an e-mail provider to check for commands, that should be pretty easy :) (then you'd just need to send them to your Arduino via serial)