Broadcasting to tv over the antenna?

I have been looking around and trying to figure out how to broad cast to channel 3 using some type of arduino or esp8266. I found CNLohr youtube channel where he did one using a attiny85 and Esp8266-12. for me it is nothing out of the box I can do. His code is done straight in C. Which i have no clue how to do. Dose anyone have a arduino version how I can broadcast to channel 3? My old tv has no video input jacks only just a external antenna. It is a old 5" portable tv. I cna not see to find something for this. I know nothing about RF enough to try this on my own. I just see there is a way I need help.


I would use an old video tape recorder, parts of it or something similar to convert a composite signal to antenna signal over coaxial cable

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What do you want to broadcast to your analog TV?

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I hate to tell you this, but the Arduino is programmed in C (strictly C++)

I would like to make a old school tv clock for my father. it's his old tv.


I know I know. I was messing around with that part. lol


I don't have any old video tape recorder or know anyone who has one. Money is tight right now. This is for my father taking his old tv and turning it into a old clock tv. For his birthday coming up.
I'm not even sure where I can even find one at or cheap enough.


You can synthesize composite video using an Arduino.

To throw it into the air for reception on an old TV, you need a channel 3/4 modulator.


channel 3 4 modulator

Dunno how many are being made, but they certainly exist.



The problem with that device is that it requires your tv to have a coax connection on the back. My fathers tv does not. It only has a antenna no rf connections on the back only a antenna.


Antenna transformer

This tv has no coax and any connections on the back to connect to.


OK. So you could go into the TV and find where to use the coax signal from the modulator. It has been done many times, most ppl lived to tell the tale. :expressionless:

It might also work to just hook up an antenna to the modulator output. It's not like you are sending a signal dozens of miles. It's just RF at that point, the same the antennae that are designed to receive will be fine as transmitters.

A bit of casual googling is not discouraging on that idea.


Just get an old mechanical clock, an old bw camera and an old RF modulator. no c no c++ no arduino!

Yeah, No thank you. lol


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