BROBOT - the Robotic Drummer - open source arduino project

Hey, guys! Our band just finished the prototype of our arduino-based midi-controlled drummer!

We launched a Kickstarter project to help us fund more work on it - and Today Kickstarter featured us as a "Staff Pick"! Sparkfun has even featured our project on their Kickstarter page and after less than a day and we're already almost 25% funded. Needless to say - we're very excited and grateful to both Kickstarter and Sparkfun!

Anyway if you're interested in the project you can see some videos and more details on our project page: BROBOT: Open-Source Robotic Drummer - Sci-Fi Fantasy Band by Underwater Time Machine — Kickstarter We're trying to share with as many people as we can so if you like the project please tell your friends!

Thank you so much for looking! Feel free to respond or message me with any questions about the project. Thanks again everyone :slight_smile: