Broken Analog Inputs? (all of em are at 1023)

Hi All,

New Arduino user here with a new Sonfounder Mega2560 kit. I been playing around with each of the "lessons" examples provided with this kit with no problems up until I tried to implement a potentiometer. Obviously it didn't work, and as I began to investigate why, I realized I couldn't read any input from any of the analog pins. I used the serial monitor to read back the values for pins 0-9 (ten seemed enough), and all were at same value of 1023. I grounded a few and supplied a few others with +5v (with 220ohms resistors for both), and had no change. All read back 1023. Pins aren't shorted to anything positive, to any grounds, or to eachother.

Is my board toast?

Do the pins work as digital pins? Input & output? All 16 analog inputs read that way?

All of the pins returned 1023. Just did it again up to pin 15

would " digitalRead(AX) " suffice to test for a digital input on an analogy input? FYI, reaaalllly green with arduino.

Is AREF connected to anything? (Like GND for example)

Aref is not connected to anything

Please supply the code you are using to test and a picture of any connections you have to the Arduino.


surf4luke: Aref is not connected to anything

Maybe not intentionally but it might be shorted to ground accidentally. Do you have a meter that would let you measure the resistance between AREF and GND?

Open circut between Aref and ground.

Heres my code

TEST.ino (1.62 KB)

Wiring Pic

Serial read out pic

I guess your MEGA is broken in some way. I would contact the vendor and get them to replace it.

Yea I had amazon send me another board yesterday. Just set it up and everything works fine. Bum board I guess.