Broken Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD EagleCad Files [Product Code A000073]?

I am unable to import the Eagle Files into KiCAD? Looking at the xml files with NotePad, I see a lot of strange characters in the downloaded files.
Example (first 50 characters of .sch file for SMD version):

\ ¦; < e’
z-çtߌ x ™ G©ÍG 榰¯$G˜Í’

Example (first 50 characters of .sch file for Rev 3 [Product Code: A000066]):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE eagle Am I doing something wrong? Is the document broken? I can import the .sch file for the Rev 3 into KiCad with no problems. But I cannot for the SMD version. Thanks in advance!

Perhaps it was created with a older version of Eagle… that does NOT import into KiCAD correctly?

Maybe ask the question in the KiCAD forums ?

Open in Eagle and select File->Save. You will get this warning:

The drawing file is still in the older EAGLE format. When saving, the file will be overwritten with the new EAGLE XML format and will no longer be usable in versions before EAGLE 6.0. Save?

Continue with the save to get the XML format.

OK, thank you for the responses!