Broken EEPROM detection

Hello everybody! I'm new to Arduino, I don't even have the unit yet (An Arduino Uno is traveling to my home). But I've started studying a bit about it. I've seen that relatively short EEPROM lifetime and I wondered if there is a way through software to detect when it gets corrupted. I also wonder what to do once your memory is burned out. And if that eventually happens with the other memory modules.

Thanks for reading. Byee!

EEPROM lifetime is not short at all. It is not meant to be used like general-purpose RAM, for dynamic variables and such. It is meant for storage: saving the state of the system before powering down, storing a serial number, logging data from a sensor once every XXX seconds, etc.

You can use checksums or CRC's over a block of EEPROM to see if anything has been corrupted.

If it has been "burned out" and you still need to use it the only solution is to replace the microcontroller.

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Thanks for your explanation RuggedCircuits :)