Broken links to Arduino reference

I apologize if this isn't a good place for this, but I haven't been able to Google any coding questions for two days. All links that have "" (where xxx can be anything) in the URL all go to the Arduino home page. For example:

both go to the same page, the Arduino home page with all the images on how to get started. The title of the page is "Arduino - Home".


Website and forum?

The forum works fine.

I have seen in the dim past situations where you can corrupt your search engine and have to go to some inscrutable place to erase something, but since all other searches seem OK, it looks to me like all the other links on the Arduino home page have collapsed (in a manner of speaking).

Dr. Q

The forum works fine.

It was a suggestion for a better/more appropriate section to post in.

Already a short discussion on this,

AWOL, hard to leave a comment when you can't get off the home page.

David, clearing my browser cache fixed it. (Chrome, Win10) Thanks.


Forgot to say yesterday that this should now be fixed.
Sorry about the tardy reply