Broken MPU6050

Hi all,

today I try to connect my MPU6050 to my Arduino Ethernet. I did it some months ago but I had to use Arduino for other purpose so I remove the MPU from my bread board and out it on the box.

In the main while I update my IDE (1.5.4) and the MPU6050 libs from Jeff Rowberg.

Unfortunately today I was not able to make it works: I always receive "Connection failed".
I connect the MPU on following way:
VCC - 3.3V
SDA - Analog A4
SCL - Analog A5

I was quite frustrated and try also the I2C Scanner (Arduino Playground - HomePage) without result: my device was not found.

I'm starting to think I destroy the MPU in same way I don't know... do you have any idea how I can check if it is working?

Thanks a lot