Broken Servo. Help please :(

Does anyone know where i can get a replacement servo main board for a Power HD 1711MG servo? I can't seem to find anywhere online to buy servo mainboards. I paid 25$ for this one at a local electronics store. I don't want to have to buy another servo just because i was being stupid.

How it happened: so i was being a careless noob today cause i got like 1 hour of sleep last night. -.- i should know better than to mess with electronics when im not competent to do so. But i didn't, so i hooked the positive wire of a 4 AA battery box to the negative terminal on the servo, and i hooked the negative to the positive. Next thing i know there is smoke coming out of the servo, the insulation on the wires melt near where the wires go into the servo box. :( so i open up the servo to look at the damage and the servo wires even came unsolder-ed -.-

It might not be dead. Resolder the wires and see if it works. Some electronics are surprisingly robust.

I don't know of anyplace that sells replacement "stock" electronics for commercial servos. Sparkfun has an "openServo" board (replacement electronics with increased capabilities; only slightly more expensive than a full new servo that it would fit int.)

If all else fails, Pololu has that for under $13

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your smoke :cold_sweat:

Only worse thing would be to stop trying stuff out.

I have some (DISCLAIMER) low-cost servos here:

How much torque do you need??