Broken Yun micro USB connector

Well ham fisted me has broken another USB mini connector. I now intend to solder directly to the board a whip made from a USB cable with a micro or standard USB receptacle. Anyone done this before or am I the only one breaking these things. This is where I am starting from, . Any opinions or information would be greatly appreciated (mostly concerning using TP 25 TP 24 and TP 38 to connect to a]powered hub}.

Did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem. I cannot solder it back on...

For anyone who wants an answer that worked for me:

I managed to get my micro-usb-less Yun to work for me. I couldn't get the IDE to find my Yun after weeks of trying. Everything else on the Yun works so to get it to turn on, I wired a regulated 5V power supply to the Vin and ground pins. I had the yun previously setup to the Wifi and it connected to the network once it booted up.

The next problem is finding its IP address. That's usually easy to find by just plugging your Yun into the computer and uploading "WiFiStatus". however, I can't do that. I do, however, know its MAC address. I was able to search all the hosts on my university's wifi network using Nmap. I used the cmd prompt and typed
Nmap -sP -oN "C:\Users\Nick\Desktop\ip.txt" 169.234.1-60.1-255

This created a txt doc with all the ip addresses and respective mac addresses for all the devices on the network. I just searched the list for the yun mac address.

With the ip address, I was able to use WinSCP to manually upload a .hex file (which is just a compiled script) to the tmp folder of the Yun, naming it something simple like "sketch.hex"
Host name: root@ipaddress
Protocol: SCP

Then, to flash the yun with the new sketch, I ssh into the Yun using putty. Once logged in (root@ipaddress), type
merge-sketch-with-bootloader.lua /tmp/sketch.hex
run-avrdude /tmp/sketch.hex

It should then start writing and reading the new sketch and, after ~5 secs, should work.